The Art of Custom Printing

A commercial produced for Automotive Service
Products to advertise their customs process.

This commercial was initially envisioned as a riff on the old Goofy instructional videos from Disney. After the idea of a superhero personification of the company emerged, the project found its own identity. Some of the original inspiration is still present in the style of the writing and through the presence of the (almost sarcastic) narrator.

I co-wrote and directed this commercial. I also handled the editing and narration. This project was a team-building task assigned by management. Making the video was a collaborative effort with Lindsay & Kristen from the sales department. We had not done a project like this before and had to lean on each other's existing skills and knowledgebase to complete the video.

We decided to cast this video from within the company to provide greater representation of the larger team. Jake from the billing department portrayed our Distributor stand-in while Bruce from the warehouse donned a costume as ASP man, a creation made specifically for this commercial project.

I'm happy that management was pleased with the result.


Produced by Automotive Service Products
Written by Michael C Spanier, Lindsay Behle, and Kristen Chapman
Editing by Michael C Spanier
Narrated by Michael C Spanier

Jake Martin as Distributor
Bruce Halloway as ASP Man
Lindsay Behle as Customer #1
Kristen Chapman as Customer #2

Fuzzball Parade by Kevin MacLeod
Heroic Age by Kevin MacLeod

Sound Effects by